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    Realtors, you’re all the same!  (Right?)

    Realtors ARE in fact different and they DO in fact work differently!  Just like any other profession, there are good and bad and getting stuck with a bad Realtor will cost you time and will likely cost you money…Make the hiring decision based not upon the VALUE they estimate your home to be worth, rather make your decision on the DATA they present.


    Choose your Realtor THEN establish a list price

    part-time-real-estate-agents-what-does-that-mean-for-you-1Insist on a FULL TIME Real Estate professional and eliminate nearly 70% of the licensees.  It IS YOUR money after all.

    Many Realtors have a second job and unless you press them and ask…you may never know. Unfortunately, if that person you choose to  market and sell your biggest asset for the most money possible has in fact another job, your house won’t be their total focus.

    Marketing Plans, Availability, Job Performance, Sales History…All play key roles in your success.

    Be aware that what has sold around you, matters.  Appraisers (96% of all sales include a mortgage so the house you’re selling will likely have to appraise) use recent sales to establish a market value for your property.  Yes, upgrades and amenities come into play but often add less value than you may think…Ask your Realtor to explain the impact on value your properties unique differences have.



    Marketing Commitment…What’s OUR Investment??

    Marketing residences for sale requires an expert with discretion, contact and extensive experience in selling outstanding real estate. Because it is important you know how involved and invested your agent is when marketing your property, here are the most important points of our Seller’s services for every one of our listings:

    ♦ Our office is never closed. There will always be someone available to attend all inquiries about your property.

    ♦ A licensed Realtor will always represent you at every showing

    ♦ We have a multilingual sales team that will handle all marketing and inquiries for your propertynew-logo-jpeg

    ♦ Pricing your home competitively without leaving anything on the table is important. We will run several market analysis to establish the best possible price.

    ♦ Professional photography and aerial photography will be arranges and be the focal point of all marketing pieces.

    ♦ Your property will be submitted to all 3 counties (Broward, Dade and Palm Beach) MLS systems

    ♦ Property Brochures will be designed and printed

    ♦ A custom social media campaign will be designed for your property. Your listing will be features on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media where prospect Buyers can be found.

    ♦ Digital brochure distribution to selected clientele, potential prospects and international sites.

    ♦ Your listing will be published in all our 815 partner websites. Previews qualifying properties will also be published in our luxury and international partner sites.

    ♦ Broker Open Houses

    ♦ Prospect Open Houses

    ♦ Email campaign to our sphere of influence and to previews/current clients to ensure they are aware your house is not available.

    ♦ When feasible, target potential high-end buyers through our exposure in our national and international publications such as WSJ, The High End, Luxury Portfolio, International Herald Tribune

    We would love to sit with you and discuss the potential sale of your home. Please fill out the form below and we will get in contact with you as soon as we can!


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