Visiting Open Houses

    Are you wondering why potential buyers should visit open houses and how to maximize the benefits of an open house tour? Exploring open houses helps buyers find out what they can get for their money and determine whether their expectations are realistic. 

    A Realtor  hosting an open house works for the seller and are required to disclose that fact to you. If you’re working with a buyer agent, let the host Realtor know up front simply by saying so or hand them your agents card if you have it available.  The host will honor the relationship and not try to “steal” you away…If that happens, remember…that person with those ethics is trying to represent you!   If you’re not working with someone, you can choose to work with the open house host, but are not required to do so. 

    Consider these steps as a buyer:

    • Tour the house at your own pace

    Take your time, deciding whether the rooms and other features will suit your needs. If you like the house, don’t hesitate to take a second look.

    • Use your imagination

    Look past existing décor and imagine your own furniture and color schemes. Paint is one of the least expensive things to change, so don’t let ugly walls turn you off. Likewise, don’t be seduced by elegant decorations that won’t be there after the house is sold.

    • No house is perfect

    There are compensating factors in every home. It may be the right neighborhood, but not include every feature you want. Make a list of your top priorities so you can decide which features you’re willing to give up and which are essential.

    • Tour the neighborhood, too

    The physical characteristics of the house are only one element of its value. Remember to check out what’s around it, how far it is from amenities and other quality-of-life issues you have identified at the start of your home search. 

    “Open houses are an important way for both sellers and buyers to get a realistic feel for the housing market. Sellers get the opportunity to showcase features of their homes that are hard to capture in advertising, and buyers can feel what it might be like to live in the homes”Jeff Chenore