Should we do an Open House, Jeff?

    Open houses are an important way for both sellers and buyers to get a realistic feel for the housing market. Sellers get the opportunity to showcase features of their homes that are hard to capture in advertising, and buyers can feel what it might be like to live in the homes” – Jeff Chenore

    So…Are you wondering how you as a seller, can make your house stand out from the crowd? Consider these steps:

    • De clutter! Clear countertops, clean out closets, basements and garages

    Removing extra furniture and personal items shows the true depth of the space. Start packing early by putting extra items in off-site storage. Clean the drapes and carpets or use scented sprays or candles to neutralize cooking odors, smoke and pet smells.

    • Lighten up

    Open the drapes or curtains, wash the windows and clean the screens to let in more light. To brighten rooms, replace light bulbs with the maximum wattage allowed.

    • Freshen the outside

    Curb appeal is your home’s first impression. Look at the house from a buyer’s perspective and make sure that impression is a positive one. Take care of the lawn, landscaping and gutters. The condition of the front door, walkway and entrance area tells buyers how well you have maintained your property.

    • Set the stage

    “Staging” applies to everything from sprucing up drab rooms with decorating touches to taking care of minor issues that can turn buyers off, such as sticky doors, torn screens or a dripping faucet.

    • Safety first

    Take your pets with you when you leave the home during the open house. Lock up jewelry, medications and money, and either store them off-site or take them with you.