Meet the Team

What happens when a real estate company starts prioritizing clients over profits?

For over two decades, The Chenore Real Estate Group has been building on the pillars of client satisfaction and innovation. We’re constantly on the lookout for new and creative solutions to the same old problems. From our agents who have made it their mission to establish personal relationships with each client, to our behind-the-scenes staff working tirelessly to ensure seamless transactions, each member of the team is dedicated to revolutionizing real estate.

The difference lies in Chenore Real Estate Group’s proprietary Marketing Strategy. Our approach is designed to sell homes fast and at top-notch prices! Consistently keeping a finger on the digital pulse, we’ve integrated technology that streamlines communication with our clients and keeps the entire team on the same page.

We know life is busy enough without the added stress of buying or selling a home, which is why we utilize a unique, complimentary Concierge Program. You can rest easy knowing your concierge is there to do the mundane legwork. We’re always on the lookout for ways to take the strain off of our clients!