Marketing YOUR Unique home starts HERE!

    Marketing real estate correctly requires an expert with discretion, contact and extensive experience in selling exceptional properties. It is important that you understand your agent’s investment in time, energy and money when marketing and selling your property.

    Our marketing program is an aggressive and constantly evolving approach that meets the needs of today’s highly educated, tech-savvy demanding home sellers.

    Pieces of our Marketing Plan include


    1.  Submit Your Home in our Exclusive Tri-County Multiple Listing Service Accessed by nearly 32,000 REALTORS!

    • RAGFL Board of Realtors – over 4500 Members
    • Greater Hollywood Board of Realtors – over 2,200 Members
    • Miami Association of Realtors – Over 26,500 Members
    • West Broward Board of Realtors – Over 2100 Members 

    Why is this important to you?   –  Within 24 hours of listing with The Chenore Real Estate Group, all active board members will have access to information about your property. At any time, should any of these members have a buyer looking for a property similar to yours, they would have immediate access to all the features and benefits of your home. Statistically 94% of active buyers are currently working with a Realtor and we want to immediately expose your home to ALL agents for their potential buyer’s consideration.


    2.  Social Media Networking

     Why is this important to you?  –  FACT – According to the National Association of Realtors, 85% of all the sales are made by 20% of the agents. Most agents will take your listing and then WAIT for someone to sell it for them. We use our social networking sites & skills to continually enhance and build strong relationships with buyers, sellers, their employers, families and friends…You never know where your buyer will be looking…But we try to anticipate it!  We are being “followed” and have been “Friended” by so many people that we routinely do business over our “Social” sites as well! 


    3.  YouTube Video Blog

    • Our YouTube Video Blog has a HUGE worldwide following!
    • We produce a wide range of Informative VIDEO posts
    • We produce & maintain a series of topical VIDEO discussions
    • Select TCREG homes enjoy CUSTOM YouTube BLOG posts 

    Why is this important to you? – Our YouTube site enjoys traffic for many reasons not the least of which could be YOUR home!  We BLOG on topics that are relevant in today’s market…Foreclosures, short-sales, Appraisal Shortfalls, etc.  From time to time we BLOG on an individual property but we are selective! We have learned to be less revealing about our properties for security reasons but moreover…Our traffic on those posts DROP!  We want to continue to be the source for relevant data and that’s NOT always about houses…Rather it’s the INFORMATION we provide that may lead to a buyer inquiry on YOUR home!  We focus on building the strongest of relationships based on one principal…..TRUST. 


    4.  Website marketing, SEO & Social Media Campaigns

    • Exclusive WEB BLAST technology with Enhanced SEO
    • 24 hour-a-day advertising of your home on
    • “Web Sharing” by email, Twitter and FaceBook from our personal site
    • Routine WEB “Drip Campaign” Technology 

    Why is this important to you?  –  85% of home buyers today start their search on-line!  The moment your exclusive listing is built on our website, with the push of a button it is “syndicated” currently to 17 different search engines and the entire on-line database of current prospects and all past clients!  These “syndication” submissions are updated every 21 days to maximize the locality on these search engines.  We are available thru social links, text and email messaging on our site to answer all internet inquiries…PERSONALLY!


    5.  Promote your home on a growing list (currently OVER 650) of web partners including our Globally Recognized site

    • www.OpenHouse .com
    • & Many more…

    Why is this important to you? – Statistically, 85% of today’s buyers are using the internet to help find their dream home.  We provide a detailed listing of our properties for sale as well as any information about the local area that a client might need.  We always stay on the cutting edge when it comes to marketing your home because it WORKS and its FUN too! 


    6.  Direct Mail JUMBO Postcard mailings, “Picture Ad” exposure on our sponsored newspaper ads about YOUR home , Ongoing “Drip” Campaigns

    • Direct Mail campaigns-over 3600 pieces sent every 10 days to targeted areas.
    • Photo/Verbiage Ad Space made available in rotational local Newspaper spots
    • Direct & Drip campaigns to proven “move up” & “2nd Home” prospects.
    • Continuous “Drip” campaigns market our inventory and services 24 hours a day! 

    Why is this important to you?  –  We direct mail thousands of custom pieces every month to areas where buyers migrate from and to your surrounding neighborhood.  Our powerful and recognizable full color advertising pieces exude professionalism, making it obvious that we care about our clients and how we represent them.  We even sweat the little things…Like the weight and type of the paper we print YOUR home’s materials on!  Our “drip” campaigns are timely and non-intrusive…Once on our list a prospect gets educated over time and gets service beyond what’s expected.  We’ve learned that attention to detail sets us apart.  Buyers and Local agents WANT to work with us because we make their job easier too!


    7.  TCREG-Honest, Professional Advice regarding the Marketability of Your Home.  The Truth is Hard to get these days!

    • Your property listing is not a tool for us to generate generic BUYER inquiries!
    • Your home will enjoy the same treatment regardless of location, condition or value!  We need YOU to be as aware of the DOM & LP/SP statistics as we are!
    • We’ll tell you exactly what you need to do to get your home SOLD even if it may be difficult for you to hear. 

    Why is this important to you?  –  We have the integrity and professionalism it takes to tell you the truth. It is our job. We would LOVE to represent you in your attempt to sell HOWEVER we will only do so if we can truly help you.  We don’t list simply to list!  Many agents will tell you what you want to hear and that will cost you YOUR time and YOUR money.  Demand the truth and then make your decision.


    8.  TCREG-Active Prospecting-We LOOK for your buyer every single day.

    • Continuous Outgoing PERSONAL and Digital Contacts made to:
    • Known Active Buyers (referrals from our Lender/Title Team Members pipeline)
    • Past Client referrals
    • Move Up Neighborhoods
    • FSBO’s, Rental Communities, Expired Listings 

    Why is this important to you?  –  There are two ways to find buyers:  1. Sit in the office and wait for a buyer to call the office.  OR  2. Make time each day to go out and interact with the buyer pool. The first option is a function of the market and LUCK. The second option is certainly harder.  Every day our team works the numbers by calling and visiting known potential buyers and sellers. Active prospecting allows us to control the market rather than allowing the market to control us and your final sale outcome. The only variable the market determines is the number of daily contacts we need to make to previous clients, previous prospects our sphere of influence, renters and FSBO’s before we can identify a potential buyer for your home.


    9.  EXCLUSIVE Client Communication Portal

    • We create a secure customer portal on our award winning website for you; where we upload all relevant information & activities we perform on your behalf.

    Why is this important for you?  –  We use this “portal” as a place to provide you with continuous information and updates to help you thru the selling/buying process. Information is the key to a meaningful endeavor. Keeping you informed removes as much stress from the process as possible and frees us to communicate effectively with you. That translates to a strong decision making process…THAT translates to an EFFECTIVE decision making process! Combined this puts as much money in YOUR pocket as the current market will allow! 


    10.  Negotiate the Best Price for YOU! – Offers are difficult to get. Don’t trust your $MONEY$ to an amateur.

    • Deals are made or lost in a flash, and sometimes after hours or DAYS of costly, painful negotiation
    • Every team member is routinely coached & attends continuous education seminars on Board Contracts, negotiation skills, Ethics and Client/Time management techniques-It’s mandatory at TCREG
    • Appraisers can make or break our deal today-We provide them with comparables and data they may not have access to-We want TOP dollar too!
    • Buyer’s Agency is for buyers… The Chenore Group Represents YOU, the seller! 

    Why is this important to you?  –  It is critical that you realize, that marketing your home is only half the battle.  With often dozens of potential homes to choose from most buyers have second, third and even forth choices in a home meeting all their needs. Keeping a buyer interested while getting you top dollar is an ART and this SKILL is not common to all agents.  Many agents believe once the contract is done, the work is too…NOT SO at TCREG!  That’s exactly when we GET to work!


    11.   Coordinate all Financing and Closing Activities

    • Coordinating with the Attorneys and Mortgage Officers is a job in itself.
    • Because of our support STAFF we are always on top of and available for any action necessary to get our deal all the way to the closing table. 

    Why is this important to you?  –  Be prepared! Transactions can die moments before closing…IT HAPPENS EVERY DAY!  WHY? … Believe it or not, some attorneys and loan officers can make even less money on transactions than we do. The incentive to see that the “Ball Is Not Dropped” is simply not there in many cases.  They have to do some serious VOLUME while we have to monitor every aspect of YOUR closing daily.  Agents who work alone cannot possibly give your file the same level of attention that an entire team of professionals can give.

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