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    You're either ready, or you are DEFINATELY not!

    Hi All!

    Last week was a rainy and dreary one…Melissa recently went to show 2 different buyer clients she has some properties they insisted on seeing…There is nothing too unusual about that.  Buyer work is demanding, what with scheduling at the whim of your clients and the convenience of the sellers.  This post deals mostly with the first set of buyers…

    The first property she showed was to a young couple from the Miami area that we met at a recent open house we did at an expensive home in NW Broward.  This particular couple explained they have been through as many as 4 Realtors so far!  (This means they have seen many, many houses)  When we asked why that was, no real answer was given.  (That should have been our first clue)  They are really wanting to buy in an area we focus on.  They see the value we offer them by being seasoned experts in the area and ask us to become their Realtors!  During a series of phone and email discussions they explain that they have a home in Miami and they’ll be renting it out so their need is somewhat immediate…Plus they want the kids to have a big yard ASAP.  They are qualified to purchase between $325,000 and $400,000.

    We set them up to receive filtered searches through our innovative and unique HTT (House Tracker Technology) system…We show them a few homes during the subsequent weeks and then a great new listing pops!  They want to see it RIGHT away however they’re not available until Sunday, so OK…Sunday it is!  The home is PERFECT in every way!  The right size, the right price, the right style and floor plan!!  It has it all!!  Their wind-up after all the hype and anticipation…We’ll think about it.  Seriously!?  Really!?  Think about what!?  The current market dictates that if you have interest…You have to act on it or someone else will.  We actually are hurting for good, saleable inventory right now and “waiting” isn’t advisable.  You have to be READY!

    My guess is that these clients have gone through 3 or 4 Realtors because they can’t commit and wont act on a perfect house when one is presented.  Now I can hear you saying…”Jeff, a house is a big purchase…” Indeed it is!  However you have to know what pool you’re swimming in and today, If you’re looking, be prepared to buy, if you’re just thinking and want to window shop…Just log on.

    When people want to wait for that perfect house there really is only one word that comes to mind…BUILD!  Every home and in fact every home owner has a beef or two with their home…Closets too small, no storage space, kitchens and baths are too small…We hear it all!  What we have learned is these all are meaningless objections…It’s always the price!  In general buyers always want 2 to 3 “clicks” more than their budget will allow so some compromises have to be made…My advice is, make them!  Interest rates have NEVER been lower!  Pricing is at early 1990’s levels!  Waiting will cost you either the home you SHOULD buy or cost you more in what matters most!  MONEY!

    We’ll follow-up today or tomorrow and see what we see.  My feelings are to slow the HTT emails and allow more time for them to evaluate the idea of buying now.  That however is not my call, it’s up to Melissa to decide that.  The flip side is her 2nd set of showings were in fact both re-visits of 2 homes we showed late on Friday…And they want “comps” so maybe those clients are close!  Both homes they looked at are perfect for them…In different ways.  Helping people make such big decisions is, well…An honor we don’t take lightly. 

    I’m confident with Melissa guiding them, they will all make the right decision!


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