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    You have to listen…Pay attention…and THEN you'll see how it works!

    Hi All!

    Yesterday was a great day!  Up early and got to Boca with Melissa and my title rep…Closed on the buyer side of a deal that was truly eventful from start to finish.  Rushed back to close another in the Laguna Isles community I had listed ans sold.  After that I headed into Pembroke Pines to meet a woman about 2 farms up north of Orlando she wants me to help her with…That was 2 hours of questions and answers with her and her son, a Real Estate attorney.  Phone calls to clients until nearly 9PM… It was a full day! 

    Today was an early start again as I headed into SW Ranches to meet the owners of a big 4800 sqft home on 2.4 acres.  They’re currently listed but very disappointed with their agent and at the lack of communication and effort she seems to be making.  This was a 2 hour meeting…Listening to them complain about their agent, and situation…Time touring the home and time just visiting and getting to know each other…I understand their fears about re-listing and about being deceived again…It’s natural I suppose.  THEY understand that every agent is different and I feel, they feel comfortable that they’re going to be (This time) respected, taken care of and listened to.  I’ll sell that house, soon enough.

    The 2 closings yesterday would have never happened unless a lot of time had been spent talking and investigating the situations individually…Every seller, every transaction is unique and all require different strategies and levels of effort.  The meeting in the afternoon…Witrh the very nice woman who has the farms up north, what a JOY to sit with her!  Married 60+ years and now a grieving widdow…She’s going to require a lot of time and care…But we’re happy and honored to do it.  Some deals are easy, most…Not so much but in any case we always appreciate the opportunity to help. 

    Today’s meeting was also fulfilling…I asked how they arrived at the decision to call on me.  The continuous marketing campaign we use, from direct mail to digital and magazine print mail…Our reputation and sales history all played a role!  That makes it all worth while!  “We sell houses…We build Relationships” is one of my favorite slogans, because it’s true.

    It’s been nearly 30 hours since yesterday morning started…And I’ve closed 2 good deals…I’ve met with 2 more sellers about 3 new opportunities and anticipate working on all of them very soon…Melissa is busy with buyer showings, closing on a RELO listing SHE took and managing her buyer contracts and other leads…I continue to manage my current listing inventory and “farm” for new ones…We’ve barely slept, I haven’t eaten (Does a fast bowl of Captain Crunch count?)…Melissa is right now, having lunch with one of our best previous clients…And it’s all good!  Real Estate is GOOD! 

    As I look at OUR production board, there are 7 more deals in process that need varying levels of attention right now so I think I’m done with this BLOG post…Melissa will be back soon and she’ll be asking what I have been doing!

    That, my friends, is how it works!



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