You can't make this %$&# up!

    I was recently hired to sell a woman’s home in N Miami.  My area of expertise is West Broward.  That’s where I “Geographically Farm” and focus my business…This listing was a referral from a previous client who asked me as a favor to help her friend.  No way would I turn a request down from someone asking for my help…And after all, Real Estate is Real Estate in Broward, Dade or California! 

    The “knock” on me is that I am unfiltered and brutally honest.  You either respect that in a person or it’s a HUGE turnoff.  Never will a client have to wonder what I think or where I stand.  If value is not in line I will not hesitate to tell you…If expectations are out of line, again…I will let you know.  This is what my client wanted and needed from me…To be that honest with her friend who she explained NEEDED to sell her home.

    My price recommendation was $219,900 list and ESD of $just over $200,000.  The sellers hope was that her home was worth nearly $300,000.  After 2+ months of no contact I was called and asked to list the home for $$289,900.  I refused and “settled” at $259,900 with a promise to reduce in 30 days if no offer was presented to MY suggested price. 

    Guess what!  Offers DO come in…for $185,000-$199,000!!  They of course are turned down and when I ask for the reduction it’s refused because…”we’ve had offers!”  Now after 3 months I get a reduction to $239,000 and showings increase…Offers continue to come in at and around $200,000 as expected.

    I finally get an offer of $210,000 and as with all others we counter at $225,000 (This offer and almost all others were all cash!-No appraisal!)  The $210,000 agrees to $225,000 AND MY SELLER IS NOW AWOL!!  She’s making times for me to come and sign the contract and she stands me up!  No calls to cancel, no calls to apologize…Just NOT home!  Repeated phone calls and emails go unanswered, are you kidding me!?  I got you what you asked me to get you…It’s easily $25,000 OVER what your home is worth and NOW you get cold feet!?

    This must be why my previous client wanted ME to list her friends home…I have to keep reminding myself…”Jeff, this is what you were brought in for”

    Bottom line is tomorrow…I am supposed to meet my seller to sign the deal.  I know this because the BUYER agent and the BUYER have called her!  My seller won’t TAKE my calls!

    To be continued…………….

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