Working hard here!

    imagesCAJ2AE9VI am in the middle of negotiating the potential sale of another one of my Laguna Isles listings…A gorgeous home that, if we can get the contract and CLOSE (meaning appraisal comes in) we will set yet another record in the community!

    I had a discussion today with another one of the agents in our office and over the weekend a mortgage broker friend who is married to a Realtor in Dade county also indicates…They are listing property with NO APPRAISAL CONTINGENCY in the MLS…That’s maybe going to be my next move.

    There are buyers losing houses every day due to appraisals…The buyer and seller agree to sell at a price…THAT is what the house may be “worth” but the appraisal indicates, lets say…The VALUE of the house…make sense?

    I’m a listing agent…To me this is understandable…But for a buyers agent…How do we make this seem realistic?

    Things that make you go HMMMMM….


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