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    Where's that light switch again?

    Hi Everyone!

    Just back from Boca for a “half closing” for one of my sellers…We needed to get documents notarized and that was a bit of a chore as the sellers bank needed documentation from when my seller was…An embrio just about…But we got through it without a hitch!

    This is my deal that I BLOG’d about on 09/01 with the title “POINTLESS SCREWS” but we got it to the walk through portion today…Upon arrival at the home we see the buyer (All 105 pounds of her) and her agent ON A LADDER looking at the roof! They were outside because the buyers agent didn’t have her electronic keypad to open the lockbox on the door! Can you say…Be prepared?! Luckily I expected that and opened the door for us all.

    OK, so we’re now in and the house, I have to say…Is PERFECT! Rugs steam cleaned, wood floors sparkling, appliances, bathrooms all look GREAT! My sellers have been in this home 17+ years and the level of care and maintenance is as expected. The buyers agent begins wandering about as if looking for her commission check…No Amy (Name changed to protect the innocent) that will be on Thursday when we close the buyers side of the transaction…My seller arrives to go over the operation of a few items at the buyers request and literally, 1 minute after standing right beside us all…Watching the seller explain the operation of the deck lighting…Amy asks “How do you operate these nice deck lights?!” Seriously!!

    The buyer is excited, nervous and happy…Which is good as this was the same buyer threatening to walk over those “pointless screws” a few days ago! All repairs were completed right down to the $1500 for the roof repairs which were done by the buyers roofer. We’re all set! I ask Amy “Do you have a walk through completion form ready?” and what did I hear? You got it…No! Again I ask, can you please be prepared!?? Not to worry…Who among you thinks that I didn’t have one in hand? It was quite a chore but we’re hours away from closing the buyer and the sellers will be so happy…Which is what I do this for! Yes I wish we sold for more, but the market is what it is. I reminded the buyer for the 3rd time to have a copy of her driver’s license on Thursday and finally we all left! We expect the wired funds tomorrow for the purchase and we travel back up there for a Thursday 11AM buyer side closing! THAT will be a good feeling! This deal was a bit of a struggle all the way, but with patience and expertise…We’ll finish!

    Myself and my sellers, throughout the whole process were a bit worried over some of the crazy contingencies and deadlines we had to deal with but I learned something along the way…Peas and carrots…Peas and carrots! That’ll be explained in a future BLOG…For now anyway, we’re almost done. Can the last one out hit the lights please? The switch is…Well, you know.


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