What are the Best Home Features for Resale?

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COVID has changed the way we look at our homes. It has made us realize how important the space we live in can be and how functional it may or may not be.

What are the best resale features? That usually is driven by the kind of market you will be buying in and the new home trends.

For example, here in FL it might be important to have a garage while in NY a basement would be perfect!

The features of a home are twofold: ONE is the location and TWO is the interior.

The location of a home cannot be changed, and Buyers will be drawn to the location they prefer. Schools are the #1 driver but proximity to shops, parks and amenities are also important.

When we start talking about interior features…. this is where we have LOTS to think about and LOTS of options! A buyer’s decision will be based on what they are willing to live with, able to do and willing to pay for after buying their home.

Let us list the most sought out features TODAY here in south Fl:

  1. Relatively new roof – with all the rain and storms we get during the summertime, a roof that is in good condition is a must for every buyer out there. Remember, depending on the kind of roof the house has and its age, budgeting for a new one might be something to think about.
  2. Impact windows – You might think…duh…HURRICANES! Well. The truth is that impact windows not only serve the purpose of protecting your home when a hurricane hit. They also provide security and are practically soundproof! If your house has impact windows, you will most likely not hear much of what is happening outside! – Impact windows cam be expensive. Buying a house that already has them is a BIG plus!
  3. Updated kitchen and bathrooms – There is a difference between UPGRADED and UPDATED. Buyers today look for certain colors and updates in the kitchen and bathrooms. Times change and so do trends. What is the trend now? Look for my thoughts on this in s future BLOG post!
  4. Open floorplan – COVID is to blame for this! Lots of people realized that the formal living room and dining room are not used that often. Open floorplans are now preferred because they integrate all the areas of the house, making easier for everyone in the family to enjoy all areas without feeling isolated…not to mention, open floorplans are GREAT for entertaining!
  5. Garage space – Here is FL we do not have basements to store all our things. Some homes have attics, but it is soooo hot during summer that the things we put up there sometimes actually melt! 80% of all garages are also used as storage. People look for at least 1 attached car garage for the extra space.
  6. Large yard or a view – After the Coronavirus hit and everyone had to stay home for a long period of time, people realized that the outdoor space was just as important as the indoor space especially if you have kids. Being able to have your kids play in the yard or just sitting outside having a drink and enjoying a view is what buyers are looking for. Some place to chill while breathing fresh air


BUYERS – We know getting the best deal is important, but so are YOU. Buy the house you love. Let us show you all the options! Enjoying your home every day is totally worth it!

SELLERS – If you have decided to sell…. STOP. Do not do anything else! Let us asses your home FREE of charge so you know IF anything needs some improvement before you go on the market.


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