We're here!

    Hi Everyone!

    It’s been 9 days and I think we have settled into our new office pretty well…Are there still a few wrinkles yet to be ironed out…sure, but overall it’s right on track.

    It was a very tough end to August since our “old” office closed mid month and forced us all to “work from home” which never has made much sense to me…That’s nearly impossible!  (Anyone with a cat or 2, and a swimming pool will understand)  Staying productive during that 2 week period was a challenge.  I am someone who needs an office environment to be productive and consequently things slowed down.  (Not to mention Melissa was in Germany the whole time)  We are working very hard now to get the train back on the tracks as it were…Making phones ring and continuing to identify those who need our help.  Thanks for all the referrals as well!  We’re always very grateful to help friends of friends!

    Overall, it’s been a great year and with a lot of hard work we can finish strong!   We have a real inventory challenge still so when we put new listings on the books they are gone almost immediately…Sounds like a good thing but the buyers we have in our stable at the moment are getting increasingly frustrated.  I do however see a bit of a slowdown in the frenzy…The average DOM (Days on market) is actually going up into the double digits…10, 15, 30 days in some cases which indicates the buyer pool is not as full.

    We certainly want to have anyone visit us in our new space and welcome you all.  I’ll always have cold bottled water and soda…and usually there is a beer or 2 in my fridge too!  Have questions about the market, a house down the street or interest rates?  Give us a call!  Our numbers haven’t changed, only our address.

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