Weekly Market Stats 9/30/2022

We've seen more canceled contracts than ever before, mortgage rates have increased 5 weeks in a row and the payment that could've bought you a $600,000 home in January can now buy you $392,000.

Interest rates will continue to be raised as the Feds deliver on their promise to "put the brakes on all of the spendings, high prices and inflated values"

The FED says they will continue raising interest rates until inflation lowers to 2%. 

We have the market knowledge, the experience, and a track record of successfully guiding our clients through these market changes…The truth is, thousands of agents will be caught with their pants down because they aren't SHIFTING their actions. 

Many Realtors that joined our ranks in the past few years are seeing that SKILL is required now…after you’ve sold your family and your friends a house I ask them…NOW, WHAT!? As Warren Buffett says, "you never know who's swimming naked until the tide goes out.”

Stayed tuned as next week we will be providing you with our MONTHLY Market Update!!

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