Chenoregroup Logo - CopyThe DBPR ( 850.487.1395 –  1940 North Monroe Street, Tallahassee FL 32399) licenses us…We are not simply Realtors because we show up at a real estate office and sit at a phone…We have continuing education requirements, we have to maintain a complaint free and violation free-standing with the state of Florida, and our company…If you had a previous experience with a Realtor that was proven to be less than ethical or honest that is NOT a prediction of our performance for you.  We have a fiduciary responsibility to you and we will NOT jeopardize our name, status, reputation or livelihood over your transaction…Frankly NO transaction is large enough to cause such an event so the sooner you realize we CAN be trusted the better off we will all be.

    There is a saying in our business…Buyers are liars and sellers are thieves…Do WE meet you and pre-judge?  Do we “assume” you’re lying and trying to cheat us?  We learn as we go how our clients work, react, think and act and frankly we will fire YOU before you fire us because again…this is our CAREER…Not just a hobby and frankly we won’t let you end our career.

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