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    • Those aren't exposed wires…That's a smoke detector you putz!

    Those aren't exposed wires…That's a smoke detector you putz!

    There really should be more realistic/real world training required for home inspectors these days!  I know, there IS a class necessary to register as an inspector but that doesn’t filter out those who can make such ridiculous statements and cause their clients (and the Realtors involved) such trouble…

    I recently had an inspection completed by an inspection company on one of my pending sales…Let’s call the company NOSEEUM HOME INSPECTIONS of South Florida in which the missing smoke detector on the ceiling was described as “exposed high tensity wires”  (I don’t even know what the “tensity” thing means)

    My seller is in the middle of replacing the batteries in all the smoke detectors, which is a good idea every year…He uses his child’s birthday as the trigger…He had 1 left and it was sitting on the table next to an empty battery pack…Shouldn’t it be obvious what’s going on here?

    Seriously!  Find what’s wrong…What’s dangerous and/or not working correctly…But C’mon Man!  Exposed HIGH TENSITY wires!??  These exposed high tensity wires were estimated on his repair report as a $85.00 fix…Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! 


    (PS-To all following the saga about the mold test from August 25th’s post…Still no test results are back…But stay tuned, it’s coming I’m sure!–And yes, this is the same inspector, Elmer)

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