The hits just keep on coming!

    Hi Everyone!

    You’ll all recall my “Clueless in Miami” post a few days ago?  The one where my sellers washing machine drained into the lake behind the house…Ya, that one!  Well a lot has happened in the past few days and the expected closing date is fast approaching!  It’s scheduled for the 13th but I don’t have it om MY personal calendar!

    My sellers Ex-husband (The attorney) spoke to me about the creation of an escrow account for the buyer to use for repairs on the home you’ll recall…While he and I were hammering out the details of such an account, my seller was in the background stating her wishes as to what it should say as well (Meaning she was involved and understood, right?  One would hope)  I actually did a video BLOG about this 2 days ago and posted it on my Chenore Group You Tube channel…Here is the link…  Maybe you’ll find this informative and it certainly fills in some more blank spots…

    Anyway, I was going to go pick up the signed addendum creating the escrow account a few days back and instead I was hung up on by my seller and was told she would not sign it as it was not what she wanted…Huh?  So, I see the deal once again as dead and I begin to set the stage in an effort to protect my seller (Since that’s my obligation) by notifying the buyers side…ONLY to find out my seller has been and still is communicating on a regular basis with the buyer, her agent and the title company!  In fact she’s still working towards closing but now wants to close and STAY in the house for 3 weeks.  This is a “post occupancy agreement” and they are highly dangerous to all involved…Essentially it’s a lease and if the tenant (in this case, my seller) doesn’t vacate per the agreement the person must be EVICTED!  That’s costly and time-consuming  Usually pre and post occupancy agreements are something we stay away from but…

    So title tells me the seller is “cold” on me and one has to wonder why?  I truly believe it’s because I sold her house.  I am the bad guy who is making her leave.  She’s being evasive and frankly rude by speaking poorly about me behind my back as an evil man.  Many of you know me and some of my followers still don’t…Evil is not me…Pushy is not me…Direct and confident, sure…Understanding and even emotional at times, yes…But evil and to be shut out for doing my job, that just hurts and is frustrating.

    In any case, maybe this deal WILL close!  Maybe it will be worth celebrating!  That remains to be seen…But rest assured, I will learn from this that sometimes, you just can’t win no matter what you do.  (Wait, I already knew that)  Clueless in Miami will get a big proceeds check, the buyers agent will get a full commission check and the title company will sell a title policy and earn income for the cloising…Yes I will get paid too…But going to the bank with that check will not be what it’s always supposed to be.  It will leave a sour taste in my mouth for a job well done.  That sucks.



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