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    That's NOT how this is supposed to work!

    2013-11-11_1453Explain this to me if you can…We held an open house on a brand new listing we took…The open was Sunday and we listed the home on Friday…late.  There was NO time to market the house but did it anyway since it’s a great location and a great house.

    We had no less than 4 groups of people walk in (alone) and proclaim their “Realtor” sent them since it’s an “Open House” they didn’t need to come.  REALLY?

    Someone PLEASE teach me how to do that!  HOW do you keep a client loyal like that?…How do you write an offer on a house for them you NEVER saw!?  How do you call yourself a professional and blatantly show a client that you’re………Not even needed in the viewing process!?

    Now I am left to negotiate with agents who are obviously rookies and or part timers…who took their Sunday off while I was showing THEIR clients around and I still get to pay them HALF the commission on the sale!??  Come On man!

    If that’s how a Realtor works…Then we are doing it all wrong and apologize to our clients for caring.  From now on maybe we will just sit back and let others do OUR job…since it seems to work!

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