That's a lot of …..Stuff!

    Carousel horse 2Recently we were showing a nice home and the owner…who talks a lot…was relating to me that he really wants to sell so they can get to their new home out-of-state.  He was a nice man, retired and the kind that has a story about almost anything you bring up, so I was careful not to bring too much up!

    While Melissa ( @viannire ) was inside walking her clients through the house I stayed outside with this nice man.  I casually asked about the new home and about some of the “unique” items outside the home he’s selling…This is a portion of what I heard…

    “3 Slot Machines, 2 Pin Ball machines, 2 Carousel Horses, an electric Barber Chair and a 5 Foot Barber Pole just went up last month!”  To which I exclaimed…”Wow! That’s a lot of (pause) Stuff!”

    The man went on to say this was a small load which was preceded by numerous “large” Bronze statues and “Ornaments” collected over a lifetime…By this time, I was more than curious as to what the inside of this house might look like so I joined Melissa and her clients inside!  The home looked great!  Yes, there are still some “unique” items in sight but none were offensive or out-of-place even!  This man and his family just like to collect it seems!  (I was naturally, relieved)

    Not certain if we will do anything with this house but sure was happy to have met such a colorful man!  You never know who or what we Realtor’s may bump into and this was (I thought) a story worth relaying!   


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