Should I wait to list?!

WAIT!? Uh…no!
You don’t have to wait to get what you want! 
There will always be pros and cons to everything we consider doing. We just have to sit back and weigh both.
So…You are wanting to sell you home , and if today was July then you wouldn’t think about it twice. However, it’s November..the holidays are upon us and you might be thinking this might not be the right time.
Weeellllll… here are a few interesting points for you to consider:

?Interest Rates  – They keep rising!  The FED has been raising the interest rates continuously for the past few months. When interest rates go up, affordability might be affected. Buyers are trying to find homes to lock their rates before they go up again!
The Holidays – Falalalala Lalalala!There is the myth that trying to sell during this time of year is a waste of time. Like I said earlier…there is a pro and a con for everything!! The number of showings might decrease but…the QUALITY of the showings will certainly be much higher! Whoever is looking for a home during the holidays…they really need to move! Inventory is low and if you decide to sell, you will certainly be one in a few NOW instead of one of many later.
Tax Breaks – Uncle Sam!! Deductions for mortgage interest, property taxes and interest cost of the loan can only be taken if the home closes before Dec 31st. This might not be the main reason why people buy homes, but it could be the reason serious buyers make a move during the holidays. 
It’s Transfer Time – Huney…we have to move !!! Job transfers typically happen this time of year. These buyers can’t wait for the spring, which is why listing during the holidays can get your home sold and sold quickly.
If you are considering selling…THERE IS STILL TIME! Don’t be shy to do it over the holidays! Make sure your agent DOES HAVE the marketing resources to get your house the right exposure. With that in mind, the holidays might just the BEST time to sell!
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