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    Seriously?! Should I call 911 for you?

    I am gonna be REAL pissed off if I get sick before Christmas!!

    Office etiquette 101 says when your COUGHING UP A LUNG and sneezing uncontrollably…STAY THE HELL HOME!!

    As Realtors we can work almost anywhere and often do!  We have put deals together at the dry cleaner, the park, restaurants, the mall…Ball games, the golf course (naturally) our living rooms and on and on and on…When you are so sick that literally you can’t breathe from the deep, throaty, almost pnumonia-like cough…STAY HOME!  Show respect for your fellow workers and don’t expose us to your…..well, you get my point!

    Feeling a bit of a tickle in my throaght-Jeff

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