Secret Agent Man

    I read this and found it…Insightful.  Perhaps you will?  Did you know that we probably had the highest number of non-producing agents, or should I say agents who never closed a deal throughout the entire year, in the calendar year 2011? I’ve heard people say that it could be between 30% and 40% of all the agents who are “supposedly active” in Real Estate never did a deal. How in the world can you work in Real Estate for 12 months or even pretend to work in Real Estate for 12 months and not have a single closing? It means one of two things, or maybe I should say 3 things. First … you simply don’t know what to do to generate income in the Real Estate business. Second … you know what to do but you choose not to do it or third … you probably shouldn’t be in the business and should consider finding some other type of job.

    We know that the number of agents in Real Estate who are “supposedly active” has dropped dramatically over the last 24 to 36 months and probably should continue to drop as we speak. If you’re not going to learn how to be a salesperson … if you’re not going to learn the sales process, which is what buyers and sellers expect you to know and execute on … then you probably should consider another type of work for yourself.

    It’s interesting to me that we have an industry that allows people to not learn how to do the job they’re licensed to do … which is “sell” … and we have an industry where being non-productive is considered okay. Each of us can take a stand and change the perception the industry has by committing to not only being productive in the calendar year 2012, but also committing to learning the sales process required to make transactions work, which in turn serves the needs of the buyers and sellers in the marketplace. The sooner we make the commitment … the more productive we become … and the more we can serve the buyers and sellers that need the good service of Real Estate people.


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