Right now it's a FAIR market!

    I’m sitting here plowing through about 100 emails…(My cousin complains of over 1000 emails a day…He’s an engineer with BP…The petroleum company, BP–I saw him a Christmas and had a great visit, but c’mon man!  1000 emails!  Are any of them about why the pump prices are tied to the direction of the friggin wind and NOT to something reasonable?!!)

    Anyway!  we have 2 listing appointments today, I have to open one of my listings for a buyer prospect, I have to photograph another new a listing I have been working on for 6 days…AND we received an offer on another property…That AND Melissa has to show 4 condo’s to a new buyer we have!  Is it mid June?

    The market in S Florida is really doing quite well…We are all listing and selling at a good pace!  If you’re contemplating jumping in to the market as a buyer, seller or investor…Now is the time.  It’s not a buyers market…It’s not a sellers market either…Right now it’s a FAIR market!  Prices are stable and unlike pump prices, reasonable.  Inventory comes on and goes off nicely.  (Especially if priced well and good quality)  REO (foreclosures) are really a non factor today as banks struggle with ROBO sign and moreover are actually trying to help homeowners stay in the home or short sell it.  (Yes, most banks are cooperating…Hear that BOA!)

    I still meet many homeowners who are underwater, and we do all we can to help them, but overall the Real Estate market is…in a word…GOOD!  It’s not great just yet but compared to the edge of disaster like we were just 36 months ago I think we will all take this!

    Consult your Realtor…Look at your options…Put the house up and go up size or downsize!  If you’re underwater, consider short selling if it’s a struggle to keep up.  Stay put as well and invest in the home!  A new bath or kitchen or landscaping!  Make it nice again!  You won’t just be throwing good money at bad anymore!  Improve your home, your neighborhood and your financial position!  Real Estate remains THE BEST investment a family can make!  Make no mistake about THAT!

    Now, I have to go complete the loan application so I can top off the HEMI and make it to all my appointments today…Hear that BP!  I’m buying gas…How about you knuckleheads do something to help the economy as well!  Every time a home is soild it creates 1.4 jobs!  All BP employees…SELL your house!  Problem solved!  Billions in profits!?  Quit bitchin’!


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