PSL Closed after MUCH effort!

    Hi everyone!

    Did you all feel the rush of hot air at about 3:00PM this past Friday?  That was Melissa and I exhaling as the deal from hell in Port Saint Lucie (The subject of many of my recent BLOG’s) closed!

    Mind you, OUR side…The buyers side, was in complete control with the understandable exception of anger and frustration over delays in closing resulting from the sellers indecision.  Yes, indecision AFTER signing our purchase contract!  Likely there is no need to rehash all the details, just visit previous blog posts to see all that…The purpose of THIS blog is simply to let you all know it CLOSED!

    We are winding down on a very productive year.  We were honored to have been voted the #! Real Estate team in our market by the readers of the Sun Sentinel!  (We even got a plaque!)  Although we didn’t achieve all our goals in volume or sides but we DID touch peoples lives, help them through tough times and celebrated with many as well…All in all, it was a very good year and one we’re fortunate to have experienced.

    Have a great holiday everyone and we look forward to speaking with, Facebooking, texting and seeing as many of you as we can throughout the coming months!

    All the BEST!

    Jeff and Melissa

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