"Pointless" Screws

    Hi All!

    Sorry for the gap in BLOG entries but it’s been quite a week thus far!  Thanks for sticking with me…If I say it 1 time a day…I say it 20 (Right Melissa!?)  You simply can’t make this %#&@ up!

    I don’t know where to start so I’ll start near the beginning…I have a sale in…Let’s say, South PB County near the Boca Country Club.  Woops…Ok, it’s in Boca.  I had sold it once to a doctor as a second home (forget the fact that he owns 5 other “second homes”)  That deal died because finally a lender caught on to his statement that it was just that…a 2nd home.  That’s NOT the story here.

    We sell again to a couple that is paying cash for the home.  The contract is “as-is” meaning no repairs necessary, but either party can cancel based on inspection results.  The negotiated price is a bit less than my seller would like but they accept and move on…The agent the buyer is working with seems…well…A bit overwhelmed as the transaction unfolds but it’s cool, I’ll hold both ends…Just follow along sweetie.  This certainly isn’t MY first disco!

    The subject home was inspected by buyer #1 just 2 weeks ago and literally there were 2 light switches that needed attention…It was perfect according to that inspector THAT day.  Needless to say we (the sellers and I) were less than concerned about the new buyers inspections and off we go!  The inspector for this new buyer (who we dub Inspector Gadget-Complete with a hard hat that had a light attached!) finds a small series of deficiencies…Most of which are laughable…However the buyer asks for some of those repairs to be fixed and the seller agrees to make them…So we CONTINUE to move forward…But per contract the buyer has the right to back out for 3 days longer than the 10 day inspection period.

    My sellers (who are WONDERFUL people, and want everyone involved to benefit and be happy with the sale of their home) are $650.00 into the repair process and the buyer…Seemingly by way of smoke signal…Backs out!  What!  We are making repairs YOU asked for when literally we don’t have to!  The buyer agent at this point is a messenger and can’t tell me a valid reason for the back out but believes it’s over a roof leak that Inspector Gadget found…And my assumption (which is proven correct later that day) is that they fear we WON’T fix the leak…We are!!  We WILL!!  Why don’t you just ASK us and see our response!!??  Don’t just “walk!”  C’mon man!

    Many email’s, calls and text messages later the 2nd deposit check which is now overdue is gathered up…Delivered by hand to my sellers and I personally pick it up from them the next day.  (Can you say IN DEFAULT?)  The buyer’s agent seems to think the inspection contingency is tied to the deposit due date.  A fact I pointed out to be untrue.  It’s the whole Broker (me) vs. Salesperson (her) thing…Happens all the time.  Agent’s don’t really KNOW the contracts they rely on to earn a living.  As a Broker however…It’s not an option for me.  When new revisions are made or new contracts come out, I READ them until I know them in my sleep.  So now, the buyer is back since we’re doing the roof.  On top of it, the roofer THEY want is hired to make the repairs…Further, The “pointed” screws (holding up the circuit panel cover) are swapped out with “pointless” screws…The nail heads on the deck that are backing out (Really?  REALLY!!??) have been pounded down.  The shrubbery that (god forbid) is touching the house…Is being trimmed.  The cover for the portable generator plug (Which Home Depot confirms is not even required, or even exists) has been installed. (That cover-BTW-A Tupperware container lid duck taped over the opening-The buyer’s agent’s idea) All this and STILL the agent is threatening the buyer will walk!

    The buyer wanted, today, to go to the home to verify the repairs are completed…Honey, we don’t HAVE to complete them in any timeframe other that before your WALK-THRU which is when you can verify they’re done…The walk-thru is done just before closing, not 2 weeks prior.  The buyer’s agent continues to just pass along the demands of the buyer with it seems no handle on her.  By now I see she’s an order taker not an agent.  The time to cancel looms large.  It’s 5PM tomorrow.  At 501PM tomorrow the buyer can’t simply change her mind without significant financial loss.  That will put US back in control, which is what we need.  To be back in control.  Stay tuned for a 502PM entry tomorrow!  Unless on the news this evening there is word of an unplanned NASA launch…Which will be me (Or the other agent quite possibly-But then I’ll be missing a left shoe) flying into orbit over this.


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