Pets and Rents

    imagesCAWUS6J2Look…we are pet lovers too…But having a pet (unless its a goldfish) can really impact your ability to rent a property.  Pet deposits ($100-$500+) are absolutely required and having a bigger dog or multiple dogs can easily preclude one from obtaining the home/condpo they want.  Multilpe cats as well, can mean a long and tiresome looking process. 

    Property OWNERS that will allow pets increase the “audience” of possible tenant prospects many times over simply by alolowing pets!  If you’re a property OWNER you should consider it!  If your looking TO rent someone elses property, be aware that the list of possibilities can be smaller than you think.  One more thing…springing the “I have a dog” on your Realtor at the end…does NOT help.  Ignoring or ommiting information does not mean it doesn’t exist.

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