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    OK…We came back, now CLOSE Dammit!


    Read the previous BLOG did you?  The seller of the home signed the extension to close rather than the settlement agreement that had him coughing up nearly $25,000 due to his desire NOT to close on the home he LISTED and SIGNED the sales contract on!

    We are now 5 days from closing (or are we? and the agent who represents that seller is along for the ride!  She’s not “managing” her client, she’s “monitoring” him.  Sellers and buyers can sometimes need a gentle push towards what’s right.  Sometimes the need a bulldozer behind them to show the way!  This seller needs a bulldozer.

    I fear the seller once again simply refusing to close.  I think it’s possible he’s using this week to prepare for the coming lawsuit that arrived on his “not yet packed” doorstep last time he refused!  If that proves to be true we will once again file suit and collect damages, but this time they will be higher…Much higher!  I won’t be able to pacify the our buyers and they will have every legal right to attack!

    I hope the seller does close…This is a perfect home for our buyers and they are lovely people who don’t deserve this situation.  I am doing everything in my power to make that happen and I certainly hope it all works out.

    I guess the thing that needs to be said is this…Selling a home requires a contract.  Contracts are just that…CONTRACTS!  They are by definition…ENFORCEABLE in a court of law!  Don’t list your home, or sign a sales CONTRACT unless you are sure and committed to selling it!  If a Realtor does their job, they will want to get paid and you are obligated by the CONTRACT to pay them!  The CONTRACT also requires every party to perform as prescribed…That means if you’re the seller…GET THE HELL out of the house on the closing date or risk being sued!  UGH!

    Look for the follow up in a few days!  We close or we sue…And the whole death and taxes thing too!


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