Needs vs Wants

Needs vs Wants??….But I WANT my dream home! ??

Making sure you are able to differentiate your wants vs your needs will save you a lot of time and aggravation. ??

‘Needs’ are things that are completely non-negotiable in your mind ?. These will be different for everyone; for example, if you have problems getting up the stairs, a one story home will be a “need” ??.

‘Wants’ are things that you’d really like to have, but are not deal breakers. These are a personal preference and completely dependent on your lifestyle. ????

Think of your ideal home…??

Does it have a huge plot of land for your kids to run around? ??Or is it a high-rise condo overlooking big city lights? ??? Where is it and what makes it special to you? If you’re ready to shop for homes, you should have already gotten a pre-approval from a lender ??. So, with that price in mind, you may need to forgo some of the wants ??. This is where your agent comes in ??. One of the main roles of a real estate agent is to know the area, know what homes are going for, and about how much added features — like an additional bedroom or a pool — should add to the price.??

…then work backwards ??

As you think about the things your dream home could have ??, you may discover that there are features you don’t want to sacrifice and for which you’re willing to pay more ?. Maybe it’s living within a school district you want, or even something less common like wheelchair accessible home??.

Sometimes, the wants are easy to distinguish from needs because you’ll find yourself saying “a pool ??might be nice.” But another way to look at it is: wants are things that you can add or change on your own. ??

Everyone loves to look at marble countertops, hot tubs and master suites ???, but make sure a home meets your practical needs before you start indulging your wants.

After all, the average home buyer stays in the house they purchase for an average of 9 years.

Lets make your investment worthwhile! ??????


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