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    Move over, you're in your own way!

    Hi Everyone,

    Emotion.  That word can paralyze you.  That word can stop you dead in your tracks on the way to a sound decision.  I say many times to people…The emotion of living in a house, seeing children take their first steps…Holidays, birthdays and the like…while having great meaning to you, truthfully…Can’t or Shouldn’t enter into our counsel to you.  I’m sorry, that may seem insensitive–Real Estate is a business and when doing business…Really good business…There is no place for emotion. 

    What your house is worth is just that…It’s what it is worth.  What you owe has nothing to do with the current value either while I’m at it!  Your home in 2006 may have been worth a million dollars but today, not so much.  Agents see the deal.  We see the nuts and bolts of the transaction without clouded judgement, wishes, beliefs or expectations.  If it makes sense we say so.  If an agent isn’t willing to walk away from a deal then perhaps you should!  I learned a long time ago the best deal you’ll ever make is one you’re willing to walk away from.  (Thanks Bob Pyrce, I hope you’re still doing fantastic by the way)

    We are currently struggling with some emotional sellers and buyers and they’re reluctant to allow us to help them.  Yes you may have made a low ball offer and likely offended the sellers…Yes, there are multiple offers on the home and others are likely willing to pay list price (or more!) because they see the value the home presents.  When your agent politely tells you there are comps that justify the list price inside they are screaming PAY THEM WHAT THEY ARE ASKING!  It’s worth it!  When we inform you there are multiple offers what we are really saying is DON’T LOWBALL THIS OR YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME!  We don’t say these things to push you towards a bad deal, we’re obligated by ethics to report to you any material fact relating to the home you’re looking at.

    The Chenore Real Estate Group is made up of full-time Real Estate Brokers…Not just salespeople.  We are here (and have been) for the long haul.  This isn’t a part-time gig for us and we not only want YOUR purchase or sale to go perfectly with us…We want those of your friends and family that you’ll refer to us to go the same way…We can’t afford to give bad, misleading or wrong advice.  Once you know us, you know THAT…In the meantime I just wish sometimes our clients (all of whom we appreciate, value and respect) would get out of their own way and let us do our job for them…We want that house for you, too! 


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    2 Responses to “Move over, you're in your own way!”

    • Robert Pyrce

      Written on

      Hi Jeff,
      You are right on target with your comments. Great incite on making fair offers and looking for “The Deal.” They are two different things. One needs to decide if they “Want” the property or are looking for a deal.
      A home is just that… a home. Somewhere to call _ _ _ _. A place to live in. It is not a business deal. Don’t over pay and be ready to walk if the price is out of your means but don’t expect to steal it. It is not a business deal!. Do your best to find one or two homes you like and make hard but reasonable offers.
      Today I am buying commercial real estate. These are businesses. I need to do my very best not to over pay. (I am not living in the property so my personal enjoyment is not a factor) Commercial real estate is in fact a “Business Deal.” I need to be able to sell the property in the future. Your home is a place to live. If you are paying $2,000.00 as a mortgage that is in effect your rent. Are you happy with it? Decide before you buy. If you are then enjoy your home, your neighbors and raise your family.

      My advice….. Work with Jeff to find a home you can afford in a neighborhood you want to live in and enjoy life!

      • The Chenore Real Estate Group

        Written on

        Hi Bob! Great to hear you’re doing well! Frankly it’s what I expected. Thnaks for the kind words and recommendation! Residential Real Estate, while extremely rewarding can be somewhat a challenge from time to time! Keep me posted on your commercial endeavors!! Hi to Marcia and the whole crew…You got your own baseball team by now!?


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