Mortgage Brokers…UGH!

    angry-baby-1024x480It’s December…It’s a slow time of the year all around in Real Estate.  Thankfully however we are busy writing new business, closing a boat load of deals written in Q3 and early Q4 and frankly…people count on us!  We “vet” lenders on every deal and they all say “We can close this one easily”   Well, I ran into a lousy lender on a file that should have closed last week…we were asked for a 6 day extension and we agreed and said…Don’t ask for 7 if you need 12!  Guess what…they needed 12!  This delay after delay only make US look bad.  The lender will move on as most do, they have a “churn and burn”  mentality…WE DON’T!  This is our reputation and people…talk!  Lenders that lie, deceive, over-charge be warned…I’m gonna start calling you out one of these days!!

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