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    Maybe like 25 and nearly 8 months later…

    Yesterday was a very rewarding day for Melissa (@viannire) and all of us at TCREG!

    Our title company (Transfer Title – Maria Molina) and I traveled with her to Pinecrest FL to close a buyer purchase that she had been working on for 8+ months…They had contracts on 2 other homes that didn’t close (one for an appraisal problem, imagine that…And one, well lets just say the sellers agent kept getting in the way and was NO help).  The 3rd time was the charm as it were and the transaction from start to finish was all but uneventful.  There was a momentary “blip” by the lender very near the end but when you have professionals at work…things get worked out!  A tip of the hat to CITI for their hard work as well! 

    Melissa is blessed to represent a corporate client and is their preferred Realtor for any/all inbound relocation services needed in Broward, dade and PB County – Some of the clients rent and some buy.  This closing yesterday was for a company executive and it was a purchase closing.  

    The buyers (new to America) were so happy and satisfied and RELIEVED as the corporate housing they were using was getting VERY old and increasingly small!  Yesterday was a great day, they bought a great house and THAT’S what this is all about! 

    Congratulations and Thank You to all involved! – Jeff Chenore

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