Man, You STINK!

    OK…So the RELO deal we needed the “work letter” on for the buyer (not our buyer-we represent the seller) just died!  The buyer is not being transferred here after all?!  I’m left with a vacant home, a really pissed off seller who is now going to lose $9000 in bonus money and a feeling of being taken to the cleaners!  How many GOOD buyer leads did we turn away while working this deal?  Thank God my seller will be OK as we are processing his buyout today…$9000 is not life changing money and he accepts that but the other agent…FROM MY COMPANY (not my office) has really really REALLY disappointed me…Just an email, no phone call!? You can’t even call me to explain the situation except by forwarding your buyers less than compassionate email explaining she “wants her deposit back ASAP”??!!  We are supposed to be on the same team here!  You work for Coldwell Banker just like me!  You valued my input when making the offer and when writing it.  You have a nice website and a few designations too but you never pick up your phone!  All calls go to a VM system that’s perpetually FULL and disconnects the caller…and when we email YOU…24 or more hours to respond is NOT acceptable!  There are Realtors who work for their clients and Realtors who work the deal.  What’s the difference…You’ll NEVER hear me say “throw enough %$@# at the wall and something may stick”  My concern, OUR concern is the people!  Worry about the people and the “deals” will take care of themselves!!  Not being angry, worse, being disappointed…REALLY stinks


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    • Alex Hearn

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      Jeff, Your sentiments could not be more spot on! I have bought and sold many homes in my lifetime, and I feel compelled to say that the agent that represented the buyer of my home is a cold, non-compassionate individual, who really gives realtors a bad name. The SERIOUSLY SLOW response times to desperate pleas for assistance, combined with the PERPETUALLY full voice mail box that can take no more messages, and the chicken sh*#, snide, and scalpel sharp comments in her SERIOUSLY TARDY email responses, paint a crystal clear picture of the caliber agent that she really is. The fact that she allowed these sort of shenanigans from her buyers to force me to pay another $2750 mortgage payment, as well as all of the other utilities associated with the home, and to lose $9000 in additional incentive money has created a strong urge inside of me to spread he word about this agent to anyone that would like to hear about it. The fact that she is allowed to represent professionals in your field of expertise is a bad reflection upon superstar agents like yourself. There should be some way to reprimand this agent before she costs other home sellers thousands of dollars like me. If you are interested in knowing who this agent is, please post a comment to this postingnthat includes your e-mail address, and I will be happy to send the agent information to you, so that you can avoid the same path that I was guided down by she and her client. All I can say is “shame on you”


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