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    Listen to your own Damn advice, STUPID!


    So, I have this saying…Not a saying actually, it’s true.  I tell my sellers and buyers that one of the best and most valuable things we Realtors bring to the table is our LACK of emotion over buying and selling houses.  We stay detached and manage the transaction if we do our jobs correctly.  Right now…I’m not doing my job, correctly.

    We have a buyer for a home in PSL that wrote a full price offer on a great house for them…Best that I just “bullet point” the events…Otherwise I’ll be here for ever!

    • Seller signs offer making a sales contract
    • Buyer (Our cash buyer-$224,000) does inspections
    • Idiot inspector “smells” Chinese drywall (was his upper lip)
    • Buyer spends $500 to find NO Chinese drywall (imagine that)
    • Title company discovers the seller is MARRIED (What…?)
    • Seller says he’s not closing now-Wife and family won’t allow it (Jeez!)
    • Buyer is Piiiiiissssssssed off!
    • Buyer threatens lawsuit as seller is in default
    • Seller offers to “settle” for $12,000 if buyer walks away
    • Title says we need wife’s signature on deed to close (duh)
    • Seller says wife in NY won’t sign
    • Seller won’t allow anyone but himself to speak to the wife
    • Buyer and Seller sign extension to allow time for wife to comply
    • Title wants to send deed to wife
    • Seller says NO…Send to HIM and he’ll make sure she gets it
    • Title sends deed to him (What??!)
    • Seller (2 days later-We signed a 7 day extension) sends deed to wife
    • Wife is sick? Doesn’t open mail or email for 3 days! (Really?)
    • Wife won’t allow courtesy closer (notary) to COME TO HER to sign!
    • (Wife apparently manages friggin nuclear launch codes for govt!?) Kidding, she works at health department…and sick…We’re told Chicken Pocks! (But shes at work and can’t be disturbed!)  Don’t start me on being at work (health department) with CHICKEN POCKS!
    • Extension expires-Wife signs deed at 129AM the day the extension expired
    • Wife faxes COPY (we need original) to us as proof it’s signed (Good, right!)
    • Seller has no worldly idea when/if wife will send original deed (No original/No Closing)
    • Calls, emails/text messages sent to wife all day, no response (yet I pick up MY phone every time the seller calls-WHO is the idiot?)
    • Buyer (Still Piiiiissssssssed off) wants house still…Seller back to wanting to settle
    • Waiting on decision from buyer as to settle or wait FURTHER for wife to send original deed

    Meanwhile the seller (not my client) calls ME and only me and not his agent…Mad at women?  No idea…Let me also mention this is the 2nd home we try to sell this buyer.  The first…Same community was rejected because the sellers (67 years old) children said don’t sell mom!  This is all outlined in previous blogs…Please review them for a laugh! 

    Here is stew…Angry that I can’t get a hold on this.  I am in control of my buyer of course.  I actually have control of the seller as well…NOW I have the wife in NY who won’t answer calls, emails or text messages as to where the original deed is!  GRRRRR!!

    I’ll keep working on it because that’s how I am.  I want to solve this and close the deal…It’s the right house and the right price and after all it does NOT have Chinese drywall (you putz!)  I’m just in my own way and I’m not taking my own damn advice…DON’T get emotionally involved!  ARGGGGG!

    -Jeff  (I actually feel much better now, thanks for listening!)

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