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    I've decided I don't want to sell…Wait! Come Back!

    Hi All,

    I haven’t been able to get this in writing for some time and I’m sorry but you just HAVE to hear this! 

    We listed a home for some clients back in September…Listed it for $625,000 and SOLD it in 5 days for full price!  That deal (because we were in control as the listing agent) closed without a hitch.  Inspections and the appraisal both had issues which we solved…That is our job!  Our clients want to move north about 90 minutes to PSL (Port Saint Lucie) and they tell us the 3 different agents thay have spoke to and met with are simply not acceptable.  They ask if we are willing to travel to assist them in the purchase of their new home, we of course agree!  They are fun people and we are blessed to know them…Why wouldn’t we?!

    Many trips later we write an offer on what we call the “old woman’s house” (This is a 55+ community)  The offer was fair based on comps and the “old woman” takes the offer to her children (the one’s she plans on moving in with) and they tell her NOT to sell!  They tell her to take the home off the market!!  My guess is the children didn’t really want Mom to move in!  OK, so we lose that house…It sucks but it happens when dealing with elderly clients who have just lost their spouse.  It’s understandable to a degree.

    We find a larger, more expensive home and it’s perfect!  We make another full price offer which is accepted and we begin to move towards closing!  Nearly $2000 in inspections later, which include a Chinese drywall inspection because the general inspector “smells something”!!  Problems begin to surface.  (It turns out that smell was his upper lip!  NO Chinese drywall was found and it was a waste of time and money!  I can’t wait to send him the report to prove he was wrong.  He insisted he’s been in a lot of houses and “KNOWS Chinese drywall when he smells it”)  Well friend…Check the sniffer and try to not be so condescending…It’s embarrassing when you’re dead wrong!  Putz!  (And Thank You VERY much for scaring our buyer into that $800 inspection)  Turns out, I’m in a lot of houses TOO!  Imagine that!  There were NO signs of Chinese drywall and the smell…MOTH BALLS!  (See above…55+ community…Duh!)  The seller however isn’t packing, and rumblings of an ex-wife we knew nothing about that will need to sign the deed look to be problematic.

    The owner of this home has had a change of heart and says…”I don’t want to sell…I’m not going to close”  He understands after nearly 30 minutes on the phone with me (how he got MY number I still don’t know-He seems to be more comfortable speaking to me rather than his agent) that he will be sued for specific performance by our buyers, he will be sued for commissions by Coldwell Banker and he’ll be liable for attorney fees also.  CB doesn’t make a habit of suing clients but in this case he’s openly admitting he’s in default and agrees to pay the costs.

    This owner continues to call/text me and I’m left to tell our buyer we have a SECOND deal falling apart…They are livid as closing is 5 days away!  The seller agrees to pay them all expenses and offers $5000 to settle.  After a lengthy discussion with me again…He agrees to double the offer to $10,000.  We head BACK to PSL and find yet a 3rd home and wish to make an offer on that one but can’t until the seller who doesn’t want to sell signs our release…He calls me and says…”will your buyer still close on MY house?!”  It seems after seeing some $25,000 in penalties and seeing our buyer ACTUALLY moving on…He has what, sellers remorse in reverse?  He wants to sell?  Really!?  WTF man!  You’re messing with peoples lives here I explain!

    It’s November 30 and today by noon, this seller promised me he’ll sign the release and pay the penalty or he’ll sign the extension to closing date addendum he asked me to prepare…My buyers WILL still close, if the seller does remains to be seen but we will know soon…I’m told.

    MANY details and names are left out to protect the innocent, crazy, incapable and inadequate parties to this deal…I see no good coming from naming names.  What I do see is a buyer who has been put through hell and a seller who lead the way.  Wish us all luck on this one!


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