Who has an ARK we can borrow to go show houses!?  South Florida has been dry…real dry for months and now, all of a sudden…WOW!

    We’ve had estimates of between 10 and 17 INCHES of rain in the past 3 days with more (A LOT MORE) to come!  We are selling waterfront houses today that used to NOT be waterfront!  LOL!!

    All kidding aside, when it’s like this there are things you can do to preserve your property…

    1.  Clean out rain gutters
    2. Direct downspouts straight away from the home
    3. Put away all outside plants and furniture
    4. Check that all windows are shut (Even in your car, it happens)

    Before the storm, think about

    1.  A roof inspection
    2. Re-caulk window and door frames

    Houses sell every day, rain or shine!  If you see us floating past your place, we’re just on our way to another house to sell!

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