It didn't work!

    They are STILL coughing up lungs just a door down from me and Melissa!! It started with the father over a month ago with the blowing and hacking and now the daughter is…I swear, no joke…Near death over there and yet…She keeps calling, typing and hacking all over the office!! While I admire the dedication to their client base, they are ignoring us!  THEY is operative as they are a TEAM!  Can’t Dad say, stay home and I’ll make your calles or something?!  She says after 48 hours of taking antibiotics it isn’t “catchy” anymore but C’MON Man! Show some respect for your co-workers!!

    I have (as any of you that know me) not failed to make my position known on the entire incident…I have been polite but as every few days go by…I have been ratcheting it up a notch or two and still no change or absence from the office.  Does anybody have any ideas what we should all do?  The morning staff was even complaining about them and on top of that it’s the holidays!  GRRRRR!  It’s just pissing me right off!!

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