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    Inspection time: But…where is your Agent?!

    InspectionIt has been one too many times in the past month that we have seen oursleves doing someone else’s job for the sake of our clients.

    After Buyers and Sellers have signed a contract, the usual next step is for the Buyer to do inspections on the property (well, most of the time. The Buyer can always choose to NOT do inspections although why would they not, right!?). Anyhow, the normal process is for the Buyers agent to arrange the time and day of said inspections and for the listing agent to insure that the property is accessible. The Buyer may choose to be present and if the Buyer is, then should the Buyers agent be there too?….I mean, wouldn’t you want your agent with you?

    Yes! Of course you do! We NEVER expect one of our Buyers be alone at an inspection. It is our job to be there and we make sure we are. Sellers agents typically are not present at inspections however TCREG always IS PRESENT so our Sellers have peace of mind and don’t feel too nervous having unknown people pouring over their house and left unattended.  Of late we are being pushed (forced really) to escort the other agent’s buyers at inspections while the Buyers agent attends to their “other” appointments….REALLY!?! What makes our time less important than yours!? And how is that other appointments are more important that the inspections for the buyer that actually bought a house from you!?

    Our job does not end when someone signs a contract…actually, thats when our real work starts.  You are being paid a hefty commission by US…The listing side…so do your part or tell us what percentage of the buyer side commission your comfortable with being put on our side, the SELLER agent side of the transaction…after all we ARE doing your part so you can attend to more important things, right? – Melissa

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