????How much can YOU get me for my house? ??

How much can YOU get me for my house

Well….most of the time is all about the, isn’t it? We all want the most we can get….and we SHOULD get it
Selling your house for the most is an art, not a math problem 

1…You owe it to yourself and your family…interview at least 3 realtors for the job ??‍??. You need to make sure your asset is in good hands. I know…you probably don’t want to go thru the hassle , but…there are a lot of zeros in this equation…make sure your agent is not one of them!

2…An ACCURATE estimate of value is what will give you the ballpark figure you need. But….how do you know is accurate
Accuracy is a byproduct of experience in the real estate world. Always remember that. Experienced realtors will be able to give you more accurate numbers. They have been around for a long time and their KNOWLEDGE of the market helps them have a wider view of the market “happenings”.

3…NEVER chose your realtor based on their suggested value for your home ?. NUMBERS DON’T LIE and they have to make sense.
The same goes for the discounted commission…what makes you think a realtor that cannot hold their own ground on what their services are worth can actually get YOU the MOST…just food for thought.

4…what YOU would like to get for your home has no bearing on it’s current value. No amount of marketing can sell a home for more than it is worth. Keeping a realistic view will save you time and mortgage payments.

5…This is the best advice I can give you….when interviewing a realtor to sell your house, pay attention not only to the numbers he/she gives you, but to the added services they provide, their track record and their communication and negotiation skills. 

This is YOUR HOUSE we are talking about. Not ALL realtors are the same! Please choose wisely.
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