HOW do you choose your Realtor?

Let’s face it, you can find realtors almost anywhere! A friend of a friend than knows someone, a family member, you can find them in your mailbox, at the supermarket, or even for sale by the dozen next to an open house sign on Sunday!
As any other industry, Real Estate has good and less than good professionals in it. Not all realtors are created equal because not all realtors treat real estate as a profession.
Think about it….you are getting married (that’s a big decision) and want to buy a home (another huge decision). You have been saving for a while and you and your future husband are excited and happy to invest your savings into a house you will make your HOME.
You’ve taken the time to research for the perfect wedding planner, perfect cake maker, 5 star venue for your wedding….everything will be just PERFECT because you are hiring the best!
But then….when you are going to start looking for a house. Looking for a place to invest all your savings….you go with a friend of a friend? Or maybe with a family member because you don’t want to say no? You are getting the picture aren’t you? Why not trying to hire the best?
When it comes to every other investment, we are usually VERY careful. But when it comes to realtors….the ones that will help us choose and/or negotiate one of the biggest investments in our lives, we neglect to do some research….we get careless….we settle.
But how do you know who IS the best? Just the same as you did with that wedding planner….interview them, ask them questions, meet them….
A realtor that knows their market, that speaks with facts and tells you things straight even if you don’t like them….THAT’S the realtor that will negotiate best for you.
We are more valuable for our negotiation skills than for our ability to open doors. Anyone can open doors. Not many can negotiate the hell out the other end!! ??
How do YOU chose a realtor?

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