How do I respond to THAT!

    Today I was asked by a client of ours to send a new agent to his condo.  He wants someone…how can I put this…Not as old as me, not the same sex as me and someone from another country that speaks something other than English.  I’ll let that sink in for a moment and also ask that in your mind you…how should I say this…In your mind, you need to…….imagine this older gentleman being quite descriptive (almost vulgar) in his request.

    His demands are annoying, abusive and genuinely chauvinistic in nature.  I won’t “send” him a new agent matching his demands.  I won’t allow someone else to be subjected to his rude and crazy demands.  Instead I will cancel our contract with this man and wish him well in the remainder of his life.  He can be this way with me only so long.  He can be this way with another agent from my team or my firm, NEVER!

    So you say being a Professional Realtor® is easy, huh? – Jeff Chenore

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