Halloween Monster Bash 2013

    2013-10-29_1353We are busy preparing for the annual Halloween Monster Bash we host every year in a community out west in Pembroke Pines…Laguna Isles is where we throw this party!  We invite the entire community of 500 homes and each year it’s obvious the RSVP’s include friends and family from neighboring communities.

    We provide a 60 minute interactive clown show followed by a 30 minute magic show for the kids…We grill hot dogs and provide chips and drinks…Juice boxes for the kids.  I buy 25 of those 5 pound bags of candy and each child gets a bag FULL!!

    We do this at our own expense…It feels good to “give back” even in this small way.  Parent’s tell us they appreciate that we provide a safe place for their children…We’re always amazed at the turnout and happy to be able to continue this community event!

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