Go ahead…Pick one.

    We are in the biggest inventory shortage in the more than 2 decades!  There are simply not a lot of good houses to show!  Buyers need to make fast decisions or risk losing the best home available and far too many still think the sky is falling.  The buyers that learn quick and pay attention to a good Realtor’s counsel will get the home they want but gone are the days of making offers well below asking price!

    Start at list price and be ready to go up from there since bidding wars are a daily occurrence.  The appraisal process is still bringing many sales down so the anxiety over “paying too much” should NOT be a concern.  You will pay market value…That’s fair isn’t it?

    Buyers who were waiting for the low point…Congratulations!  It was about 8 months ago….Better hurry or that house will be gone and the next one will cost just a bit more!

    We do this every day…we don’t want you to lose…we give you our experiences and expertise for a reason…The Real Estate market is BACK and moving quickly!  Jump on in and wave your arms around a bit!  Interest rates have NEVER been lower!!  Prices are inching up!! 


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