Getting Ready for the Storm

    And here we thought we would get another year without a storm!


    All eyes are on the soon approaching storm Matthew as it gets dangerously close to our state.

    We will be making sure to check on all the properties we currently have on the market, so today will be a busy day.

    For all the home owners and renters out there, there will not be much time to prepare is the storm decides to come directly to us, so let’s go over some things you should keep in mind to do if that was the case:

    • Make sure you set your refrigerator to the coolest temperature. In case of loss of power, it will keep the
      cool a little longer.
    • Get an emergency kit (flashlights, batteries, etc) and a first aid kid and have them handy
    • Keep all important documents in the waterproof container: passports, insurances, deeds, valuables, jewelry
    • If you take daily medication, make sure you have enough to get you thru a week or two
    • Make sure you have at least 5 gallons of water and enough dry food for a few days
    • You also have to make sure you have enough pet food and medicine
    • Charge all your electronics and have a power back up ready as well
    • Fill your tanks and have a couple of gas containers filled as well
    • Gather all your patio furniture and bring it inside
    • Pump out water from your pool to 12 inches below the edge and add additional chlorine
    • Make sure your shutters are up at least 6 hours before the storm is set to start
    • Secure your garage door
    • Close outdoor electrical outlets and cover them with duct tape
    • Document he contents of your house for insurance purposes

    Protecting our homes is important. Please make sure you get as prepared as possible. We will do the same. And please, feel free to call us if there is anything we can do for you!

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