Farewell…And Thank You


    About 2 years ago now…maybe more, Melissa pushed me into Facebook and Twitter and Foresquare and all that stuff.  I was very reluctant but the technology world has become (Oh, and BLOGS!) a big part of our daily business and routine.  They say Social Media is the old phone call we used to make and I see that being true.  I have received notes & requests from people who became clients via Facebook…People “following” us have engaged us in discussions which have lead to business…Social Media has brought us closer to clients and friends and family and I’m grateful!

    Last night however I received a sad message from a very recent past client (And anyone that knows us knows that Melissa and I don’t just close deals…we make lifelong friendships based on respect and trust and we STRIVE for that each time we work for someone) who is abruptly leaving the area.  Life brings opportunities and this one has to be taken by this friend and her husband as they’re moving MUCH closer to family in Arkansas.  I had a strong feeling that while closing their sale in Boca (see earlier BLOG post’s about THAT deal) there was an ulterior motive and now I see it’s come…DON’T get me wrong!  I’m THRILLED that they have this opportunity and that they can see the way to take it!!  It just sucks is all. 

    Facebook was how I learned of it…They “messaged” me and filled me in.  Movers today and GONE tomorrow…Not even time for a hug and handshake goodbye…But in any case…Melissa and I are RICHER for having met you…Happy to see YOU so happy with what we did together and HONORED to have had the opportunity!  I remember clearly the Saturday morning that you called me…”Will you come to Boca to sell our house?”  More than that…I’d likely drive to Arkansas just to say hello in person.

    Bon Voyage you guys!  ALL the best!!  One never knows, so keep my number and let’s keep in touch!

    -LOVE, Jeff

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