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    I can't run a marketing campaign like this USPS!

    PostmanThe new EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) program offered by our United States Postal Service sure seemed like a great alternative to the 3rd class direct mail system I used for over 14 years to market and advertise my services and the properties TCREG would list and sell…The cost to market my growing business is, in a word…Significant.

    There is the cost to print full color 8.5 X 9″ postcards on 14pt card stock with a U.V coating (I print 20,000 at a time which gets me through 3 months) and there WAS the cost of mailing lists and laser labeling for carrier route saturation mailings…This all came to about 28.5 cents per piece and being that I mail 2080+/- every 10 days…That ran 592.80 per mailing or about 1778.40 per MONTH!  Of that, $452.40 was postage EACH TIME!  That’s $1357.20 per month to the USPS…Naturally when the EDDM was announced I was thrilled!  Seeing my postage cost go from 21.75 cents per piece to what was 14 cents per piece and now 16.5 cents per piece translates to a significant savings for me!!

    Why am I upset?  One mailing will get to the post office (I deliver and wait in line myself to be certain when it’s delivered) and be IN HOMES the next day…Another mailing will take 10 days to be delivered!?  I can’t adequately plan my marketing schedule with such varying delivery schedules.  I want to be “in homes” every 10 days…I have proven that to be the magic number…But I can’t accomplish that with such wild swings in delivery times.  Now I am forced to wait for each delivery to hit and run to my branch with the next mailing not knowing when that will be…I don’t want one to hit one day and another to hit the next…OR WORSE have 2 hit the same day!

    I understand this is not 1st class mail and perhaps not a 1st class argument but c’mon man!  The USPS lost BILLIONS last year and I can’t help but wonder why…I support them on a regular basis!  Have you ever walked in and bought $450.00 in stamps because essentially I do…Can’t we get MY stuff out timely and delay the friggin cable bill!!??


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