Craig’s List


    I recently (5 days ago) placed another home in MLS for sale…for SALE only.

    In the past 4 days we have been receiving calls from people looking to RENT the home based on a “pirated ad” showing up in CRAIG’S LIST.  The ad has OUR photos, and our description taken directly from MLS…There is even a mention of the owners name and a fictitious email address, so…we emailed and GOT A RESPONSE!  Yesterday while showing a buyer, there was a man found walking around the home (Fenced and Gated) and upon asking what he was doing there replied “I’m here for the rental”  He was quickly escorted off the premises.

    Bottom line here…DO NOT TRUST CRAIG’S LIST on most real estate ads…are there legitimate ads on the site?  I suppose there may be however…in most cases it is either completely fictitious and possibly dangerous to respond or it’s an unscrupulous agent “fishing” for leads…since they cannot earn and gather their own stream of business.

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