Almost Over

    2013 is coming to a fast close…This year was the worst I have ever had with the loss of the best mother a boy, man and family could ever have.  My mom succumbed to Multiple Myeloma on Friday, February 8th at 201PM…We were all surrounding her as she passed into heaven.  That event is seared into my memory.  I recall vividly looking at all my family, in tears as we watched the strongest woman we all knew…lose the fight.  I wasn’t crying at that moment…I was actually smiling  because I knew her struggle was over.  She could now go redecorate heaven, see her dad and my fathers parents and all her friends she lost.  Boy I wish I could have seen that reunion!  While she was being treated for the disease she came down with shingles and every time I see the commercial on TV that talks about shingles I think…Man, mom barely complained!  She fought thru the pain of that and the pain of not being able to travel to my brothers place for a family vacation with her grandchildren whom she absolutely adored.  They were the center of her universe…We were  also all supposed to go to Alaska on a family cruise and she didn’t make that either.  She passed away literally days before we were supposed to go.  We know that was a big disappointment for her.  I told her many times I wish I could take the disease and leave her healthy and each time a quiet “I know Hun” was said.   Her service was beautiful and filled with so many people that loved her and us.  Afterward, my brother and I spent 2 weeks with dad as we got details settled as well as helped him through the immediate loss.  Dad struggled heavily for weeks and weeks but slowly is beginning to cope although the loss for him was horrific.  Mom and Dad lived across the street from each other as children!  The literally knew each other their whole life!!

    Dad and my brother and his family are traveling here for Christmas in less than 2 weeks and we are all looking forward to being together…the first Christmas without mom.  Mary and I are taking the family on a Caribbean cruise that mom would have loved and I’m sure she’s happy we’re going…she will be there with us I’m sure.

    I could go on and on talking about my mom and when I started this BLOG I really didn’t have a direction…Guess this was on my mind.  Oh, business was great.

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