3PM today…Closing…RIGHT!!


    At 3PM today we are scheduled to close a transaction that frankly I never expected to close!  I still don’t think we will because I fully expect my seller NOT to show up! 

    I had no less than 5 offers on the home, and all but the last was rejected.  I believe they were because my seller knowingly kept giving me counter offers that she felt I could never get done for her.  Well, I did and after 3 extensions, 2 re-negotiations and 2 threatened lawsuits, a $60,000 inspection repair estimate (Yikes) not to mention multiple discussions with my sellers ex-husband, an attorney who actually turned out to be a really nice guy!  today is supposed to be the day!

    This is the deal that I have blogged about many times…The Miami deal.  The house with the washing machine that drains into the lake behind the house…Remember!?

    IF my seller shows up and closes I expect the following:  1.  The house will not be cleaned out and empty  2.  The seller will refuse to sign unless we agents reduce our commissions.  That won’t happen…I have a contract that guarantees me 6% which will be 3% to each side and I am going to enforce it!  (I have been known to “adjust” commissions to make a deal work but only with like kind “help” from all parties…Not just agents-And not after 7 months of work) 

    Sellers (and buyers) need to realize that when the hire an agent to sell or buy a home with them…It’s our JOB!  We don’t just TRY…We make suggestions and counsel our clients to assist them in reaching that goal and we expect to get paid at closing.  My paycheck is not up for negotiation and especially when you’re actually walking away with money at closing…Don’t come after me and MY earnings, not now! 

    IF this closes…It will truly be a miracle and if it doesn’t…It will trigger 3 lawsuits.  1 from each real estate company and 1 from the title agent…The buiyer will also have a suit but has hinted they will just walk away and find another house…

    Bottom line here is this…Hire a good Realtor…And you’ll eventually need to start PACKING!

    That’s my take on things this morning–Jeff

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