2012…Bring it!


    I sure hope everyone had a great holiday season!?  TCREG did!!  Melissa had her mother in from Peru for nearly a month (ouch!) and her brother was in from NY for the Christmas week as well.  Her house was full of family and friends and wine bottles nearly the entire month of December!!  I was in Chicago celebrating with my family and we had a great visit…Mom is still in remission so what else could I have asked for…For Christmas!

    Just before the year ended we closed on a GREAT house in MY neighborhood…In fact this was for a multiple time previous client and she bought literally across the street and 3 doors down!  The process for her was nearly 7 months of searching!  Like always, the smile at closing proved it to be worth the wait!!  We were lucky to have gathered and celebrated throughout the month of December with many past clients (They are great friends) as well!  That is truly a gift each time we’re able to do so!

    If you follow my BLOG routinely (and I hope you do) you know that 2011 was a year full of “troubled deals”  We managed to work each one out and close on them, but man!  I should write a book!  (Is that what I am doing here? Anybody got a publisher in mind that wants the rights to a wealth of real world horror stories from a Realtor perspective?  Send them my way!)  The PSL deal & the Miami deal stick out as very notable ones.  Again, we got them closed however!

    2011 began with us being recognized in Coldwell Banker as achieving the President’s Circle (or something like that) award…It’s for having reached the top 1% worldwide in sales and customer satisfaction throughout the company…That was cool, and as the year went on we continued to work to maintain that level.  (I think we did!)

    Near the end of the year Melissa and I were nominated by residents (Not sure who or how many) of the city we work in…And we WON as being the #1 Real Estate Office/Team for 2011!!  That was quite an honor for us!  There were newspaper articles and ads as well as the formal presentation of a plaque for us!  It’s nice to be recognized again for what we do and this time it was by PEOPLE not by Coldwell Banker people…

    So I’m sitting here ready to get paperwork together for this evening’s listing appointment and I’m thankful for so much…Most of all for YOU taking time in YOUR busy day to read what I write.  TCREG wishes all of you the VERY best in 2012 and along the way I promise to keep writing, so you can chuckle from time to time at what life brings us…You favorite Realtors and friends…God Bless you everyone!


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