The Chenore Real Estate Group

The Chenore Group has over 75 years of combined experience guiding home buyers and sellers through thousands of real estate transactions. Their proprietary systems, action plans, connections with vendors, and a wide network of professionals are gathered to make a winning team that is ready to guide you through your next real estate transaction.
Homebuyers and sellers want experienced, knowledgeable, and hard-working realtors that are ethical, have integrity, and possess the skill required to navigate today’s demanding home purchase and sale transaction. Buyers and sellers place value on these attributes because they understand that today’s real estate market is incredibly challenging. Fear of what is widely unknown and commonly misunderstood is a driver in the decision to hire a real estate firm, team, or single-agent when the need or desire to relocate arises. 
The Chenore Group’s experience and track record help home buyers and sellers make sound financial decisions with respect to their real estate holdings–"We endeavor to combine our experience and ability with understanding and practicality to create a true “win-win” for each customer we engage."

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